on 2023-11-27

Host Screamer on Vercel

Context and Problem Statement

Screamer needs to be hosted on the public internet so users can access it.

Considered Options

  • Private kubernetes instance
  • GitHub Pages
  • Vercel
  • Other hosting providers

Decision Outcome

Chosen option: “Vercel”, because it integrates well with ADR-0004 Use Next.js and ADR-0002 Use GitHub.

Pros and Cons of the Options

Private kubernetes instance

I operate a private kubernetes instance to host arbitrary software.

  • Good, because very flexible
  • Good, because it is already set up
  • Good, because I can use infrastructure as code
  • Bad, because it requires a lot more configuration to host a website
  • Bad, because it is expensive

GitHub Pages

  • Good, because it is easy to configure
  • Bad, because it can only host static sites
  • Bad, because it can not host the backend


  • Good, because it integrates well is Next.js and GitHub
  • It serves the UI and backend close to the user