on 2023-12-01

Use Vercel Edge Config for feature flags

Context and Problem Statement

I want a way for users to test features before they are fully completed. I also want to be able to toggle some features on for users without a redeploy. Feature flags are a common solution to both of these problems.

Considered Options

  • LaunchDarkly
  • HappyKit Flags
  • Vercel Edge Config

Decision Outcome

Chosen option: “Vercel Edge Config”, because it is free and does everything I need it to.

Pros and Cons of the Options


LaunchDarkly is a feature flag management platform.

  • Good, because it is feature rich
  • Good, because it is a large, well supported project
  • Good, because it is well liked by the community
  • Bad, because it is expensive

HappyKit Flags

HappyKit Flags is a feature flag management platform for Next.js.

  • Good, because it has a generous free tier
  • Good, because it is designed to work with Next.js as selected in ADR-0004
  • Bad, because it is a small project

Vercel Edge Config

Vercel Edge Config is a global data store that enables experimentation with feature flags, A/B testing, critical redirects, and more.

  • Good, because it is free
  • Good, because it is fast
  • Bad, because I need to manage it myself

More Information

Example app.