on 2023-11-29

Use Prisma ORM for database connectivity

Context and Problem Statement

As a full-stack application that needs a persistence layer, I need a way of managing data models and database connectivity.

Decision Drivers

  • I need something type-safe
  • I need it to be able to connect to whatever storage layer I choose

Considered Options

  • Prisma
  • Direct DB connections

Decision Outcome

Chosen option: “Prisma”, because it can connect to whatever database I choose.

Pros and Cons of the Options


Prisma is an open source ORM. It consists of three parts:

  1. Prisma Client: Auto-generated and type-safe query builder for Node.js & TypeScript
  2. Prisma Migrate: Migration system
  3. Prisma Studio: GUI to view and edit data in your database.
  • Good, because it generates the TypeScript types I’ll need
  • Good, because it can automatically migrate my data when the model changes
  • Neutral, because it has a GUI

Direct DB connections

Directly connection to whatever database I settle on.

  • Good, because it is a smaller dependency
  • Good, because it doesn’t limit my database choice
  • Bad, because I have to manage types myself
  • Bad, because I’ll have to create and apply database migrations myself